Horseshoe Nail

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how to separate rocks from garden soil?

i am cleaning out an old planting area where the previous owner had bushes and used red rocks for mulch. I am making it into a nice flower bed but am struggling with an easy way to separate the rocks from the soil (which is quite good). I plan to reuse the rocks, as much as possible, by adding to other areas where they are already in use. any ideas?

Best Answer...


A screen box is best, and the mesh is approx 3/8 to 1/2 inch for best results.

I'll assume the rocks aren't that small in general. They can be used after the fact as a bed covering, like a mulch, or in ares where a French Drain might be needed.

Frame with 2/4's as large or small as you feel is adequate, horseshoe nail the selected piece of screening to the frame, set in on blocks, saw horses, milk crates, use a bucket under, a wheel barrow under, or just let it sift to the ground.

Rev. Steven