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Chinese abstract In in 20 century's ends language education debate, the people to the language discipline education criticism, touched very many questions which in the language education existed, as well as behind language teaching question education idea and education system. Under such social linguistic environment, the teaching question which the research middle school birth mother language study results in appears especially urgently. This article sets at the middle school language teaching under the mother tongue linguistic environment, recarefully examines its history and the reality, the present situation and the question, between the analysis linguistics and the middle school language teaching mutually promotes and the transformed existence question, combs the analysis certainly not to have "the present middle school language teaching system" in fact, as well as Zhu Jiajian constructs the system all sorts of tentative plans, for constructs the construction science reasonable middle school language teaching system to lay the foundation and the accumulation resources. In carefully examines with in the critique foundation, divides into separate fields the teaching in the approval Chinese and the literature under the premise, the model modern linguistics various branches domain main research results, the union middle school language teaching mission and the present situation, proposed constructs the construction middle school language teaching system the ponder. In this tentative plan system take the language with as the outline, take enhances the student language accomplishment as a goal, take the language use is the language human relations as the core, take the knowledge system, the ability system and the method system as the basic content. This individual department constructs the construction intention, on the one hand is the hope can cause the middle school language teaching to become has the basic principle system the independent curriculum, for enhances the student language tutelage to provide the science instruction; On the other hand is the hope can cause the language teaching return language teaching the core status, realization language teaching change. This although 杞 the person thinks seeing of the night of court attendant, actually is the entire essence is at. In addition, full text by language with study the linguistic environment principle seeks, is in the text handling innovation place. Key word The mother tongue language carefully examines with the middle school language teaching constructs the construction